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Inventing the National Defence: Eastern Europe Between the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Accession to NATO, Eesti sõjaajaloo aastaraamat = Estonian yearbook of military history, 4 (10) 2014, editor-in-chief Toomas Hiio, editor Sandra Niinepuu (Tallinn-Viimsi: Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum, Tallinn University Press: 2013)
The yearbook is dedicated to the restoration of national defence in the Baltic states and other Eastern European countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The issue contains treatises by historians and military personnel from the United States, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany and Estonia on the restoration or restructuring of national defence in Eastern Germany, Czechoslovakia, Latvia, Poland and Estonia in the period from 1990 to 2004. The yearbook also features popular science articles by Toe Nõmm, on Estonian arms acquisitions in the 1990s, and by General Ants Laaneots, on the military plans of the Soviet Union at the beginning of World War II, as well as a memoir/treatise by Hain Rebas on the failure to pass the national security concept in the Estonian Parliament in 1993 and on the so‑called Israeli arms deal of 1993. The yearbook begins with an introduction by Trivimi Velliste, former Estonian Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the UN.

5-6: Preface

Toomas Hiio
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