Guided tours

Guided tours

We give guided tours in Estonian, English, Russian, German and Finnish.

  • A guided tour at the museum main building takes ca 50 minutes, at the exhibition of artillery guns and military vehicles (hangar) ca 30 minutes.
  • A guided tour of the museum + exhibition of artillery guns and military vehicles (hangar) takes ca 1,5-2h.
  • The maximum size of the tour group is 20 people.
  • Please send booking request at least 3 workdays before the visit by using the booking form here.

1 object
Price per person
2 objects
Price per person
Regular (includes the ticket price)
4 €5 €
Discounted (includes the ticket price) 3 €4 €
Family: price per person
(family ticket price 5 € adds to the sum)
1 €2 €
Tour price per person with free access ticket1 €2 €

Free audio guide is available in Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian language.

Tours free of charge:
  • Ministry of Defence, Defence Institutions, their staff and officials
  • Members of the Defence Forces, conscripts and veterans
  • NATO Allied Forces, veterans
  • National Defence Education teachers and students
  • Teachers and group leaders accompanying groups
Information by phone +372 621 7410 or email: teenused(at)