Museum of the Estonian Military Academy

Since 2022 Museum of the Estonian Military Academy in Tartu is part of the Estonian War Museum.

The focus of the Museum of the Estonian Military Academy continues to be supporting the provision of military education in Estonia. The Museum has a permanent exhibition as well as temporary exhibitions. Guided tours for up to 30 people can be booked.


The museum was founded in 1994 as the archives of the Estonian Defence League. Since the year 1995, the museum has been functioning at Riia 12, Tartu, on the premises of the historical building of the Estonian Defence League. In 1998 the museum, which acted under the name of War Museum then, was subordinated to the Estonian Defence Forces, instead of the Estonian Defence League, and it started to function as a branch of the Estonian National Defence Forces that had settled in the building. Whereas earlier the emphasis had been laid on the matters related to the Defence League, then since 1998, studying the themes and collecting the materials of the 20th century Estonian Defence Forces were prioritized.


Collection of the Museum is focused on the history of Estonian military education: instructional materials, documents, photos, objects, weapons, films, maps, memories, etc.. The museum’s badge, photo, object and publication collections contain altogether more than 10,000 items of museum pieces today, only a part of which are simultaneously exhibited.

Scheduled visits only.
Contact: Ranno Sõnum, +372 5694 7064
Riia 12, 51010 Tartu

Visiting the museum is free of charge.

Regarding museum collections please contact Liisi Ploom, liisi.ploom(at)