The Estonian War Museum takes part in the Blue Hepatica campaign 01.04

On April 1st, the ninth Blue Hepatica Campaign “Let Us Salute!” will begin, inviting people to wear the Blue Hepatica pin in recognition of veterans of the Defence Forces and the Defence League of Estonia and the veterans of Ukraine.
This year, donations will be collected to support veterans, their relatives and the healthcare industry more broadly. Proceeds from the sale of the Blue Hepatica pins will help to acquire the necessary hand robot for the ITK Rehabilitation Clinic and cover the costs of treatment and rehabilitation of Ukrainian veterans, in addition to supporting veterans of the Defence Forces and the Defence League of Estonia.

Blue Hepatica pins and other products can also be purchased at the Estonian War Museum as a donation. 

“During this complicated time, we thank our veterans, who have made their contribution to ensuring the security and defence of our country. It is good to live with the knowledge that the Estonian people can count on the brave men and women of our Defence Forces and Defence League no matter what,” said the Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet. “Right now our thoughts and actions are directed towards supporting Ukraine, which is also why part of this year’s Blue Hepatica

Campaign funds will also go towards the rehabilitation of Ukrainian veterans. This is another way in which Estonia is again showing that we support Ukraine in its fight against the aggressor,” added the Laanet.

After a two-year break, you can once again enjoy health sports at the Blue Hepatica Runs, which take place in April in Tartu, Pärnu, Narva, Tallinn, Saaremaa and Copenhagen. You can also participate virtually - at a time and place of your choice.

The highlight of the campaign will be Veteran Rock in Tartu on April 23 in honour of Veterans Day, where Kosmikud with the Military Orchestra, Propeller, Horror Dance Squad and the Vahipataljon band will perform at the concert starting at 7 p.m. The Skywheel of Tallinn and the arch bridge of Tartu will be in the colours of the Hepatica in April. You can find information about the events of the veterans month on the website

Enn Adoson, Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers (EVVÜ) explains “Over a couple of years we are once again pleased to be able to invite people to participate in public events and recognize our great veterans of the Defense Forces and the Defense League.” "Unfortunately, in the last two years, these events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, and even this year we cannot organise in peace due to what is happening in Ukraine. We are definitely planning to donate some of the donations collected during this campaign for the benefit of Ukrainian veterans. I invite everyone to actively participate in the Blue Hepatica campaign and thus support our veterans. ” added Adoson.

The campaign runs from April 1 to April 30. During this period, the Blue Hepatica pin can be purchased as a donation at several stores: COOP, Selver, R-Kiosk, Apollo, Karupoeg Puhh and Myfitness sports clubs, Apotheka e-pharmacy and the Estonian War Museum. In cooperation with Itella Smartpost, campaign products can be ordered directly from the eshop of the website.

Throughout Estonia, the Volunteers of the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation help collect donations by selling products with Blue Hepatica symbols in accordance with the conditions of restrictions. The Blue Hepatica campaign is carried out by the Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers in cooperation with the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation, the
Ministry of Defence, the Defence Forces, Estonian Defence Forces Veterans’ NPO, Coop, Selver, Apotheka, R-kiosk, Apollo, Myfitness, Karupoeg Puhh, Milworks, HUUM, Go Craft, Threod Systems, BAE Systems, Cybernetica, Nordic Armoury, MARU Ehitus, Tactical Foodpack, Half An Hour Gives Me Power, Estonian Volleyball Federation, Estonian Football Association, Estonian Basketball Federation, Fendernet, Digitrükk, Itella Estonia, Swedbank, Telia, Montonio, and Minilaod.