Tank T-34/85 of Narva relocated into the Estonian War Museum 16.08

Since Tuesday 16 August 2022 a tank T-34/85 known as monument tank of Narva is located in the heavy artillery hall of the Estonian War Museum.
The Government of Republic of Estonia made a decision to remove the war monuments of the Soviet Union from public spaces in Narva and take the tank T-34/85 to the Estonian War Museum in Viimsi, where it found its new permanent location in the heavy artillery exhibition.

Photo: Estonian War Museum/Ruwe Saare

The so called tank of Narva was brought to Estonia from Leningrad military district and erected as a monument on 9 May 1970. The tank is probably manufactured during WW II in the Soviet Union. It has never taken part in battle action.

The machine pool of the heavy artillery display mainly dates back to the period from 1930 to 1960, and the majority of the items formed part of the armament of various countries in World War II and during the Cold War. The exhibit also features a range of vehicles used by the Estonian Defence Forces in the 1990s and even later.

Photo: Estonian War Museum/Sandra Niinepuu

The heavy artillery exhibition is open from May through September every week from Friday to Sunday at 11 AM to 6 PM or per booking. Entrance with a muuseum ticket, which can be purchased in the main building or on site.

Photo: Estonian War Museum/Sandra Niinepuu