Reenactment battle "Southern Frontline 1919" 09.02

Each year in February since 2015 a reenactment battle is held nearby the Estonian War Museum to celebrate the Independence day of Estonia and our victory in the War of Independence (1918-1920). This year's battle will be held exactly on the Independence Day - February 24th at 2:00 PM.

This year the reenactment battle recreates the battle of the southern frontline near Pankjavitsa (Pangevitsa) manor in 1919. There will be ca 100-120 reenactors from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia.

The event is organized by the Estonian War Museum, Saaremaa Sõjavara Selts (Military Equipment Museum of Saaremaa), Viimsi Rural Municipality and the Estonian reenactment club Front Line.

The reenactment battle takes place behind the museum's building on the hillside and in the park where the audience can have a good view on the battle. 

Visitors will be offered hot tea and soup that will be provided by the local Naiskodukaitse (Women`s voluntary defense organization). And, a cafe will be open In the museum at 12-16. The entrance to the museum is free that day.

Here you can take a peek at the last year's reenactment battle - video, photos.