Lives of the Forest Brothers hidden in milk containers at the exhibition in the Estonian War Museum 26.04

In the Estonian War Museum is temporarily displayed an exhibition by Saaremaa Museum „Life in a Milk Container. A New Look at the Forest Brothers of Saaremaa“ that sheds light to the daily lives of Forest Brothers. At the same time an equally fascinating findings from Saarnakõrve Forest Brothers’ bunker belonging to the collection of the Estonian War Museum are displayed.
For the first time an exhibition will present rare items that have belonged to the Saaremaa Forest Brothers. These items were hidden in milk containers buried in the ground. This allowed them to be preserved up until today. The items were donated to Saaremaa Museum by private collector Mati Vendel.

Separately are exhibited findings from Saarnakõrve Forest Brothers' bunker located in a remote bog island in Harjumaa. This is the only bunker site in Estonia that was so well preserved that archeological excavations enabled the researchers to fully reconstruct the bunker as well as the lives of its inhabitants back in 1955.

In addition to that there is a replica of Forest Brothers' winter bunker in the Estonian War Museum that is open to visitors to go and explore inside.

The exhibitions remain open until 1 October 2023.