Joint exhibition of Külli Suitso and Imbi Paju 23.10

We will open a joint exhibition of Külli Suitso and Imbi Paju on October 29th at 5:00 PM.  Prior to the reception at 4:00 PM film screening Memories Denied (with Eng. subtitles).
In this exhibtion, there will be presented paintings and installations of Külli Suitso from the series of "Helmet" and Imbi Paju films "Memories denied" and "Sisters Across the Gulf of Finland".
The artist Külli Suitso has graduated the Department of Arts of the University of Tartu. Her means of expression are oil painting, graphic art, and video. She has worked in Tartu Art College, currently living and working in Denmark in the Aarhus Academy of Fine Arts. In Denmark, the series of Helmets has been presented at two personal exhibitions in 2015 and 2016, also at various group exhibitions. In Estonia, the same series has been featured at the Tartu Art House and Vôru City Gallery (2017).

Imbi Paju is an internationally acknowledged writer and film-maker. Her aim is to show through the psychological features of her works the dark side of humanity which is so often used as a tool by totalitarian societies. Her main message is love for human life, humanism and honouring life: do not give testimony against your close ones.

In this joint exhibition, two of Imbi Paju films will be presented: "Memories Denied" in which she seeks answers to her mother’s story who was taken to Gulag as a young girl. The other film "Sisters Across the Gulf of Finland" tells the story about shared memories of both Finnish and Estonian women and resistance to the II World War. Both films will be screened in the Estonian War Museum during the period of the exhibition.

The exhibition will remain open during 29 October 2017 - 29 January 2018.