Gallery: Re-enactment battle of the Estonian War of Independence 20.02

To celebrate the 106th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the 140th birthday of General Johan Laidoner, the commander of the War of Independence, a re-enactment battle was held on Sunday, February 18, at the Estonian War Museum.
A typical battle of the Southern Front of the War of Independence in the spring and winter of 1919 was presented.

The re-enactment battle was organized by the Estonian War Museum - General Laidoner Museum and Saaremaa Sõjavara Selts (Saaremaa Military Society). The battle was staged by Margus Sinimets, chairman of the Saaremaa Sõjavara Selts. More than 120 men and women from 12 military history clubs from Estonia and Latvia participated.

Photos: Estonian Defence Forces, Linda Maria Saar