Estonian War Museum invites to explore virtual museum 22.04

Estonian War Museum has opened its doors to the public again despite the state of emergency in Estonia with the help of 3D virtual tours that enable to visit the War Museum from the comfort of your own home.
Free online tours enable to take 360-degree look inside Viimsi manor where main exhibition about the story of wars fought on Estonian soil is located as well as in nearby building to see exhibition about Estonia’s military mission to Afghanistan in 2006-2014. You can click around to „walk“ inside muuseum and read briefly about each room with links referring to more information.

„The War Museum has always been greater than its building in Viimsi,“ Head of Estonian War Museum Hellar Lill said referring to armoured train No. 7 „Wabadus“ project that marked the centennial of Estonian independence and the Estonian War of Independence as well as rich military heritage all around the country. „2020 is also the Year of Digital Culture in Estonia, so there couldn’t be more relevant time to start expanding the Museum into virtual space too,“ he added.

Lill said that the War Museum is cointinuing to explore possibilities to make collections of the Museum and war history heritage available to public even better. Already now considerable part of the Museum’s collection is digitized and made available through Estonian Museums Public Portal MuIS.

At the same time the War Museum is actively working on new exhibitions, hoping to be able to open its doors as soon as possible in real life too. Virtual tours will also be updated according to the exhibitions change.

Virtual tours were captured in April 2020 by AVAR Agency. Please find the tours here.