Estonian Navy gave the War Museum a Silverware Set that Belonged to Admiral Johan Pitka 13.06

Estonian Navy donated to the Estonian War Museum a historically and culturally invaluable antique silverware set that once belonged to Admiral Johan Pitka. 
The set was made in 1849 by a renown silversmith of Saint Petersburg Carl Boyanovski, originally for the Russian imperial family. During the World War II the silverware set was stored in the Bank of Finland. In 1948, daughters of Admiral, Linda Paaren ja Saima Queenie Joasalu took the set with them to Canada. In 2000 they gave it to Estonian Navy. In 2022 the Navy gave the invaluable set to Estonian War Museum.

Admiral Johan Pitka (19 February 1872 - ? September 1944) – „Father of Armoured Trains“ and „the Soul of the Estonian War of Independence“ – was on of the founders of the Estonian statehood, a driving force behind the creation of the Estonian Defence League, armoured trains, armoured cars and Border Guard, a sea captain, a politician and an enterpreneur. He founded the Estonian Navy and commanded it in the Estonian War of Independence. This year marks the 150 anniversary of his birth.

The set remains on display at the Estonian War Museum till the end of summer.

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Commander of the Estonian Navy commodore Jüri Saska and Head of the Estonian War Museum Mr. Hellar Lill revealed the silverware set in the Museum on Monday 13 June 2022. Photo: Ardi Hallismaa /Defence Forces