In the footsteps of WW II – from Vaivara to Viimsi

In cooperation with the Estonian War Museum and the Vaivara Blue Hills Museum, and with the support of the European Union, a historical trail has been mapped out, which leads through the memorial sites related to World War II from one museum to another. On the almost 200 km long journey, eight sites are highlighted, but of course, these are not the only points of interest on the way. Each object is equipped with an information board on site, and you can read more about all of them in the virtual guide. Have a nice trip!

Historical trail guide in Estonian
Historical trail guide in English
Historical trail guide in Russian

Overview of the events of the World War II in Northern Estonia

Suure sõja jälgedes Vaivarast Viimsisse 
In the footsteps of the Second World War from Vaivara to Viimsi
По следам Второй мировой войны от Вайвара до Виймси
The historical overview is also available as a free booklet in Estonian, English and Russian at the Estonian War Museum and Vaivara Blue Hills Museum.