The Estonian War Museum's 9th Annual Baltic Military History Conference "The Past – a Soldier's Guide for the Present? Experience, History and Theory in Military Education"

Conference schedule

Speakers and their topics

Chosen works can be found in the Estonian War Museums's yearbook (linked).

  • Prof Clifford J. Rogers (US Military Academy, West Point) – "How Ancient and Madieval Military History Contribute to Developing Modern Officers"
  • CPT Marko Pungar (ENDC) – " The Teaching of Military History in Military Pedagogy in the Past and the Present"
  • Dr Lukasz Przybylo (Independent scholar and publisher) – "Building Military Doctrine Based on History and Past Experience"
  • Igor Kopõtin (ENDC) – "The Teaching of Military History in the Estonian Armed Forces, 1920–1940"
  • CPT Rauno Viitmann (ENDC) – "The Birth of Modern Artillery: From Bruchmüller to K9"
  • CPT Lauri Teppo (ENDC) – "Lessons of the Art of War – the Infantry Offiver Perspective"
  • Dr Alexaner Statiev (University of Waterloo, Canada) – "The Limitations of Empirical Learning: The Experience of the Russian Imperial Army in Mountain Warfare"
  • Dr Kārlis Dambitis (National Defence Academy of Latvia) – "Military History Experience after the First World War in Lativa"
  • Kestutis Kilinskas (University of Vilnius) – "One Country, Different Identities: Officers of the Lithuanian Army after the First World War"
  • Prof Dr Jörg Echternkamp (Center for Military History and Social Sciences of the Bundeswehr, Potsdam/Martin-Luther-University of Halle Wittenberg) – "Which Past for the Soldier? Military History, Historical Education, and the Ethics of Democracy in Germany Today"
  • Anna Sofie Hansen Schøning (Royal Danish Defence College/ Roskilde University) – "The Unique Character of Military History as Taught in Officer Education – Denmark in Context"
  • Dr Tamir Libel (University College Dublin) – "Studying and Teaching Military History in the Armed Forces – Lessons from the United States and the United Kingdom, 1991–2018"
  • Marta Tomczak (University of Warsaw) – "The Memory of the Napoleonic Wars as a Key to Understand the Modern Poland and its Place in Europe" 
  • Dr Burcin Cakir (Glasgow Caledonian University) – "Teaching the Battle of Gallipoli: National Expressions, Military Interpretations and Misconceptions" 
  • Dr Mikkel Kirkebæk (Royal Danish Defence College) – "Self-perception, Identity, and Narratives in the Danish Expeditionary Corps in Estonia in 1919 – with Contemporary Perspectives"