The Estonian War Museum's 7th Annual Baltic Military History Conference "Visions of War: Experience, Imagination and Predictions of War in the Past and the Present"

The history conference of 2016 at the Estonian War Museum discussed visions of war and predictions of the future in the armed forces, among the security and defence establishment and in society at large. Why have some armed forces been more successful than the others? How should one learn from the past and make accurate predictions? What does it take to innovate successfully? Why should soldiers and security experts learn from civilian visionaries, publicists, writers and even futurologists?

Papers and panel proposals were encouraged to focus on the following topics:

  • armed forces and lessons learned from history in the past, the present and in the future
  • prognoses of future war (including societal and technological changes) in military affairs
  • visions of future war in the media, literature, the arts and sciences
  • lessons of the past and predictions about the future in doctrinal development
  • visions of the future in military education and training

Conference schedule

Speakers and their topics

Chosen works can be found in the Estonian War Museums's yearbook (linked).