Estonian military participating in NATO operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

A separate room is dedicated to the foreign missions of the Estonian military, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan. Estonia sent an infantry platoon to Iraq, while in Afghanistan, we participated with a company, and at times with even more soldiers.

Eleven Estonian soldiers and NCOs perished in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a memorial plaque dedicated to them in the foreign missions room.

The constructed scene portrays the equipment and weapons of the Estonian military in the desert. Also on display are a number of weapons seized from Iraqi insurgents, some of them homemade.

Once the Afghanistan mission was completed, the sauna that the soldiers had built at their base camp in Helmand Province was also brought back to Estonia, along with other equipment. The sauna was reassembled at the request of the Estonian War Museum and is now on display in the artillery guns and military vehicle hangar as part of a separate exhibit on the Afghanistan mission. For more click here.