Estonian War Museum 100

This temporary exhibition "The Estonian War Museum 100" gives an overview of establishing the War Museum 100 years ago.

The museum was situated in the Old Town of Tallinn on Vene Street. In 1940 Soviet Russia occupied Estonia and the War Museum was liquidated the same year. Sixty-one years later, on February 26, 2001, the War Museum was re-established by a regulation of the Minister of Defense. At present time, the museum is located in the former summer residence of General Johan Laidoner, the former Commander‑in‑Chief of the Armed Forces during the War of Independence on 1918-1920. The museum is now named the Estonian War Museum - General Laidoner Museum.

There are a number of rare items in the exhibition that, despite difficult times, have arrived in the war museum, including the political will of General Laidoner, which he wrote when he was imprisoned in Soviet Russia.

The exhibition will remain open until August 4th.