Estonian War Museum

10th Military History Conference "Independence Wars in North-Eastern Europe and Beyond. International military history conference marking the 100th anniversary of the Estonian War of Independence"

On 28–29 May 2019, the Estonian War Museum and the Estonian National Defence College will organise an international military history conference to seek new perspectives to analyse and conceptualise the military conflicts of 1918–1922. In particular, we look forward to receiving proposals on the following topics:

  • the war experience and motivation of soldiers and officers
  • recruitments and mobilisations
  • political moods in the armed forces
  • the propaganda of the warring parties – nationalism versus social justice or something else?
  • the influence of politico-strategic developments in the Russian Civil War on individual war theatres and operations
  • strategy, tactics and technology in independence wars
  • the impact of international coalitions, foreign allies and transnational actors – from influencing morale to deciding the outcome of wars
  • aspects of the history of the Estonian War of Independence 1918–1920

More information can be found from the Call for Papers. Deadline March 1st, 2019.

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